It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that a pallet carrier can access the specified address. The site needs to be reasonably level as our pallets often weigh well over a tonne. The access needs to have minimum width of 2.8 metres and 5 metres headroom. The driver will have a small pallet truck to move the pallet off the tail lift but this will not operate over uneven or soft ground or gravel.

The delivery location must normally be be able to accept vehicles up to 18 tonnes. However, if you advise us, we can instruct the delivery company to send a smaller vehicle.

Postcode Exceptions:

    • South West England
    • West Wales
    • London

LD,LL(15-78), SY(23-25), E, EC, EX, N, NW, PL, SE, SW, W, WC,

SA(14+), TR and TQ –  plus £10 per pallet

    • Northern Scotland

DD(8-11), AB, IV, PH – plus £10 per pallet

PH19 – plus £20 per pallet


All fuel products are sold on the understanding that they are for use as a domestic fuel unless otherwise stated. Purchases for any purpose other than that intended shall be notified to Cumbria Green Fuels Ltd at the time of purchase. In failing to make any such use clear at the point of purchase the customer indemnifies Cumbria Green Fuels Ltd against any claim from HMRC arising for underpaid Value Added Tax and agrees to compensate Cumbria Green Fuels Ltd for any additional levy retrospective or otherwise and to pay any additional reasonable costs incurred in the satisfaction of HMRC.