Cumbria Green Fuels

We are authorised suppliers DECC RHI Biomass suppliers List  No: BSL0032359-0002 

As we own, service and maintain stoves and boilers we only supply EN+ Grade A1 pellets as this gives us complete peace of mind.  Pellets are available in 10 Kg,15 Kg and 1 tonne dumpy bags. The smaller bags are recommended for domestic use whilst the dumpy bags are more suitable for large scale installations in constant use.

Woodlets Pellets

'Woodlets' EN+A1 grade pellets are from Girvan, Ayrshire which uses energy derived from its own Combined Heat and Power plant to process the pellets. Forestry and log waste is used to fire this CHP plant making the whole process as carbon neutral as possible. The plant is over 90% energy efficient. The pellets produced are very light in colour and carefully controlled for pellet length and density. They are equally suitable for use both as fuel and animal bedding. 


Pallet of  98 x 10 Kgs Bags  = £265.00 (27 p/kg) including VAT and delivery to most of UK mainland.

1/2 pallet containing 49 bags =£165.00 including VAT and delivery to most of UK mainland.

2nd pallet less £5

3rd pallet less £10 

Verdo Wood Pellets

Verdo Renewables are a Danish company who have two pellet mills in the UK, one in Grangemouth and the other in Andover. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the manufacture of wood pellets.

Verdo Renewables manufactures Grade 1 premium 6mm pellets All pellets are manufactured from virgin timber sourced within the UK and conform to the new European standard for premium pellets EN Plus

Pellet specification: Calorific Value: 4,800KWhr/tonne Mechanical Durability: > 97.5% Ash: < 0.7% Moisture Content: < 10% Fines: < 1.0% Bulk Density: 650Kg/m3
Prices: Pallet of 96 X 10Kg bags
Super Economy  = £275.00 (28p/Kg) including VAT and delivery.

1/2 pallet containing 48 X 10 Kgs bags = £175 including VAT and delivery.

Multiple pallet discounts

2nd Pallet = less £5

3rd Pallet = less £10

Collected prices less £20 per full pallet and £10 per half pallet (collections by appointment only as we are delivering most days)

North of Scotland (Dundee postcodes 8-11 northwards) = plus £10 per pallet.

London & SW England (TR & PL) = plus £10 per pallet

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