Cumbria Green Fuels


Blazers Fuel Logs   

*The Original and Best*

  • High calorific value 5.5 KWh/kg

  • Each pack contains at least 55kW of energy. Equal to 5.0 p/kW (at full pallet rate)
  • HETAS approved fuel
  • DECC RHI BSL Suppliers Authorisation BSL0032359-0001
  • 1000 kgs of Blazers are equivalent to 4-5m3 of seasoned hardwood (and Blazers are probably cheaper!)

  • No energy wasted burning off unwanted moisture content

  • No dangerous sparks due to good combustion

  • UK produced from sustainable forestry

  • Less tar and cleaner flues

  • Easy and clean to handle

  • Ideal for wood burning stoves , open fires and chimeneas 

An unusual use for Blazer Fuel Logs !

The National Trust Steam Powered Gondola on Coniston Water uses Blazer Fuel Logs for steam generation.

Look no smoke!

Please note when using Blazers in an enclosed stove that as the fuel is extremely dense it will expand in the firebox. Use the fuel logs sparingly as they contain a lot of heat.

Blazers Fuel Logs Prices

45 - 53   Packs each containing 10Kgs                  each £3.70

21 - 44    Packs each containing 10Kgs                 each £3.80

10 - 20    Packs each containing 10Kgs                 each £3.90

The above prices includes VAT @ 5% and local free delivery in CA & LA postcodes. (Orders under £70 a surcharge of £10 to cover delivery costs).

Prices: Full Pallet of 108 packs X 10Kg = 1080 Kgs packs 

Super Economy  = £330 including VAT and delivery.

New 90 pack pallet (including 2 free Cloggies) =£280 including VAT and delivery.

1/2 pallet containing 54 X 10 Kgs packs = £190 including VAT and delivery. (Now includes 1 free net of Cloggies) 

Prices include delivery to most of the UK but please see terms & contacts page for full listing of postcode delivery costs.

 Multiple pallet discounts 2nd Pallet = less £5

                                       3rd Pallet =  less £10

Please phone your order through on   01768 896634

or Mobile: 07943 910332 or email

Very Heavy Pallet of Blazers ready for dispatch